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Described by Les Inrockuptibles as "one of the most effervescent Parisian collectives of the moment", the Walk In Paris brand founded by Gary Neveu and dancer Léo Walk never ceases to surprise.

Beyond a world of music, poetry, dance and art in the broadest sense, Walk In Paris offers ready-to-wear lines with urban, vintage and timeless accents.

Accustomed to legacy collaborations with big names such as Lacoste, Paroboot and now Schott, Walk In Paris launches its first leather goods collection.

Walkers can now stock up on wallets, card holders, satchels and satchels at the boutique in Paris's 10th arrondissement, or on the e-commerce site.

To support the development of this new collection, Walk In Paris called on Milkshake. The brand has entrusted the studio with its meta strategy and digital advertising in order to achieve its online objectives.


+ Digital strategy
+ Strategic planning
+ Advertising creation
+ Campaign deployment
+ Campaign optimization

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