Welcome to the new world, where anyone can create their own brand in three minutes. The world where anyone can sell a product to the other side of the planet via an e-mail exchange. One ad, one click, one order. An e-mail, a boat, a parcel delivered to your door. No need to talk to a human being anymore. No need to seek an emotional connection. No need to talk to your customers. 

However, we can't measure the success of a brand in the short term by assuming that it applies over time. That's what brand development is all about. Making messages "memorable", creating emotional involvement. A real one. It's a question of breaking out of the classic pattern, of giving power back to consumers by making them actors with communication that makes sense and inspires. We want them to enthusiastically share your brand... while at the same time putting forward a strategy that delivers results in the short term. Let's change the habits that all too often become seen-and-revisited messages. Allow yourself to hold your target's attention for real, for more than 10 seconds. Allow yourself to refocus on your essence.

Let's meet your customers with strong, useful and original messages. Let them make your brand their own. Milkshake is where strategy meets creation. We take brands' projects from the initial brainstorming stage right through to the creative concept. A team that brings ideas to life, combining kindness and accessibility. Because we are convinced that today's world must be open to everyone's ideas, we created Milkshake to work together to design differentiating campaigns that reflect tomorrow's image. We draw our inspiration from meeting your audience."Creative without strategy is called art, creative with strategy is called advertising." Jef I.Richards


- Sonia and Simon

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